I am a 30 year old Aussie girl, with a love of books, nerd and geek culture, art, archaeology, the environment, altcult, and the obscure and eclectic randomness I seem to gravitate towards.

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The Force is Strong with You [Valentine’s Day Card Set]

Heroes with Heart [Valentine’s Day Card Set]

Each set is two 6” x 6” screen printed, one-sided cards on Red Hot Pop-Tone French Paper, Printed by Headlight Hotel, Providence RI. Signed, open-edition, blank on back. Each card comes with a matching French Paper envelope. Order now to ensure delivery before Valentine’s day.

$10 per set, available here: 



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Dwarven Women concepts by Daniel Falconer (DF), William Furneaux (WF), Scott Spencer (SS),  and Matthew Rodgers (MR) of WETA Workshop. Most of the women seen above are part of the WETA team or members of the artist’s family.

From the book, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles.”